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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Newman's Own? Please choose a category below to find answers to the most common questions about our company and products.

  • Are Newman’s Own refrigerated drinks pasteurized?

    Yes, our refrigerated drinks are pasteurized and always have been. Pasteurization is the process of heating a liquid to a high temperature for a set amount of time and then cooling it to reduce the amount of pathogenic bacteria (disease causing) and spoilage organisms present in the product. Without pasteurization, the product would spoil more quickly or possibly make the consumer sick.

  • Can I buy Southwest salad dressing in grocery stores?

    The dressing used in the Southwest Salad at McDonald’s is no longer available in retail stores.

  • Can you tell me about the “No MSG” claim on your Ranch dressing?

    Newman’s Own Ranch salad dressing does not contain monosodium glutamate (MSG).  Some other brands of ranch dressing do contain this ingredient.

  • Do Newman’s Own products contain trans fats?

    Newman's Own products all contain zero grams trans fats.

  • How long will Newman’s Own pasta sauces and salsas last in the refrigerator once they are opened?

    Once opened and refrigerated our pasta sauces and salsa typically last 3-7 days. They may keep longer but are susceptible to spoilage because they are all natural and do not contain preservatives. Storage times will be longer if stored at a colder temperature. Therefore, if you wish to keep them longer, turn down the temperature setting on your refrigerator or consider storing frozen in a freezer-safe container until you wish to use them.

  • How long will Newman’s Own salad dressing last in the refrigerator once it’s opened?

    Once opened and refrigerated, our dressings should keep until the use-by date printed on the bottle neck.

  • I can’t find your Lightly Sweetened Lemonade. Was it discontinued?

    We have replaced our Lightly Sweetened Lemonade with Diet Lemonade. Our new All Natural Diet Lemonade has the same great taste and the same 15% lemon juice content, but with only 20 calories per serving. It only has 6g carbohydrates and 4g sugar per serving.

  • I can’t find your Virgin Lemon-Aided Iced Tea in stores. Did you discontinue this product?

    We still make this product and it has not changed, however the name and packaging graphics have changed to Half Lemonade & Half Iced Tea to more clearly say what it is – a blend of Lemonade and Iced Tea. You should be able to find it in the same stores that carried Virgin Lemon-Aided Iced Tea.

  • What do I do when the vacuum safety button on the pasta sauce or salsa is popped up before I first open it?

    The product should be returned to the store for a refund. If not, contact Newman's Own for a replacement coupon.

  • What is Stevia?

    Stevia is an all natural non-nutritive (no calories) sweetener that is extracted from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant.  This plant is native to South America, Central America, and Mexico and is now grown all over the world.  Stevia is labeled as “REB A (STEVIA EXTRACT)” in the Newman’s Own Diet Lemonade ingredient statement.

  • Why does the Olive Oil & Vinegar salad dressing look cloudy or lumpy in the refrigerator?

    When refrigerated, olive oil tends to solidify giving the cloudy appearance to our olive oil-based dressings. Once the product gets close to room temperature, the product will return to its normal appearance.  There is nothing wrong with the product and most olive oil dressings act this way.