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Rescuing and Training Dogs to Strengthen Disaster Response in America

Thanks to support from Newman's Own Foundation, rescued dogs are partnered with first responders to improve disaster response and readiness in America.

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

The Search Dog Foundation recruits rescued dogs and trains them to help find people in disasters. Dogs with high energy that may not be good family pets are rescued from abuse or abandonment. Trainers help the dogs turn their energy and boldness into life-saving skills. When disaster strikes, an expertly trained Search Dog will be a person’s best friend to help save lives.

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

From Rescued to Rescuer

Chief was a shelter dog turned Search Dog, who now rescues people. After years of training, Chief is now a part of a FEMA urban search and rescue task force based in Nebraska. His handler, Andrew Pitcher, was paired with Chief thanks to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. Their goal is to improve disaster response in America by offering professionally trained canines to fire departments and other emergency first responders like Andrew.

Andrew had his own brush with disaster in a rollover car crash. Chief was able to help him by reviving him from unconsciousness after licking his face and barking. Chief continues to train almost every day, making sure he is ready to go on missions when disaster strikes.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation provides the dogs at no cost to recipients, thanks to donations and generous support from Newman's Own Foundation. Andrew said, "I want to thank Newman’s Own Foundation because anything they can do to help Chief do his job is going to help save lives."

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